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Carolyn Northrup
Marketing Career Profile
Hispanic-targeted Marketing needs to go beyond speaking Spanish.  If your company is planning commercial activities targeted to the Hispanic community chances are you need marketing efforts to support them. In doing so, remember that it's easier to communicate the benefits in Spanish than learn how to speak a foreign language and more important, relate to its culture

It's about letting you allocate your human resources where you need them the most: 

  • Don't have the time to learn Spanish, but need to start a project in Spanish NOW -before the sales opportunity passes.  
  • Communicate quickly by hiring a bilingual and bicultural marketing executive that will hit the ground running. 
The purchasing power of California's Hispanics totaled $320 billion. San Diego & Tijuana share the world's busiest international border crossing and comprise the 3rd largest Hispanic market in the United States.   In the San Diego/Tijuana border crossing alone it is estimated that Hispanics have an annual purchasing power of more than $12.1 billion, while Tijuana residents spend about $3 billion per year in San Diego County alone. That's a $15.1 billion market!

What have you done for YOUR Hispanic Market TODAY? 
  • Logo Design
  • Communications Strategy
  • Concept & Content Development 
  • Design
  • CMS Site Implementation
  • Social Media 
  • E-mail Marketing 
  • Analytics

Website Development
Free Lance, 2015/2016

Effective media relations led to free interviews that supported the PR efforts to educate the consumer on the benefits of debt negotiation.  Click on the radio to listen (SPANISH)
Marketing Communications 
US Financial Management

Retained by renown make-up artist and image consultant to address the Hispanic Market in the US.  The project's objectives are to consolidate her position as THE image consultant internationally.   Activities include: 
As Marketing Manager for the organization, I was responsible for creating a consistent image along 4 markets. 

Efforts for the Hispanic Market included: 

  • Concept development 
  • Communications strategy
  • Content development 
  • Design
  • Copy writing/advertising 
  • Public relations
Bankers Capital, 2005

The strategy was to create awareness regarding the process of buying or refinancing a property as a preamble to a series seminars focused on educating our prospective client on the steps of becoming a home owner.

The objectives of this project were to support the company in effectively communicating its achievements through activities that strengthened its image, while achieving an endorsement from the Government of the City. The communication program consisted of helping the RPP organize an event that was targeted to all state registries and support it with communication material.  

As a result, SyC obtained exposure as a preferred IT solutions provider for government contracts.  It became a valuable sales tool that ultimately was endorsed by the City’s Office, helping the company maintain its brand awareness and positioning. This testimonial piece became part of the company’s sales portfolio.  

Media Relations to achieve PR objective goals. 
Grupo SYC, Mexico City
1997 - 2000

Responsible for the marketing and communications for this IT Systems Integration consortium of 6 companies, and leading a team of 6, the efforts heavily relied on developing the communications toolsv for partnerships, pr, and sales support