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Carolyn Northrup
Marketing Career Profile
Reaching Customers Efficiently
Case Studies by Industry:  Learning, Understanding, Analyzing, Proposing, Solving!
Women's Health Research
Innovations in Women's Health Research Series was the Institute's Outreach Program focused on latest research in women's health.  Use of effective communication tools, project management and designed leaded to favorable Institute and Series positioning, increasing media exposure and event registration.  

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La Jolla Institute for Molecular Medicine
SYC (Sistemas y Computadores de Gestion) 
Bio-technology and ...Retail?
One of the largest Value Added Re-sellers and Systems Integration companies in Mexico, SyC won  an overall market share of 40%, generating sales of a little over 100 M in 2000 through continuous branding efforts using effective PR and Advertising strategies

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Debt Negotiation
T-Systems International 
Also known as T-Tape, the irrigation company needed to introduce its recent partnership with a agricultural IT firm. 
By incorporating drip irrigation products and services into the company's offerings, and working on agressive PR and channel management programs, the company successfully launched the IAT program and exceeded its sales forecast for that year. 

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​New advances in dehydration and preservation processes based on a vegetable-based protein gave MCR Innovations and Packaging a unique competitive advantage in the food management and retail industry.  Access to the new products took place with the creation of the Green Health brand:  Green due to the products packaging, and health for the benefits of the products.  
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MCR Innovations & Packaging
USFM offered debt negotiation services -mainly credit card debt directly with banks and credit card institutions.  Public Relations, Advertising, Content Development and SEO strategies for the company’s website - in conjunction with the use of exceptional bilingual skills- strenthened the branding efforts.  Leads generated from the campaign yielded in an overall profit growth of at least 4% in 2 years. 

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US Financial Management
Media Relations 
Bankers Capital & SYC
Valuable media relations along with superb spanish-speaking skills made this advertising/PR campaign combo extremely successful. Targeted to the growing hispanic population, the Bankers Capital campaign generated close to 3 M in sales in just 3 months, and the SYC campaign positioned the company as THE systems integrator that aided in the much needed electoral process change in Mexico.

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Women's Health Awareness
Gender differences have everything to do with women's health.   The Doris A. Howell Foundation promotes women's health by championing awareness on the inclusion of women's health a it's basic level: research.   Documenting the impact the organization has in the community through traditional and digital marketing supports the fundraising efforts and drive donations.  

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The Doris A Howell Foundation For Women's Health Research