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Connecting Cultures: Why marketing to Hispanics is a must...

Quick Stats about the Hispanic Market: 

Hispanics in the US:

  • It is estimated that, out of the 326 million people in the US, 58 million (or 18%) are  are Hispanic  

  • Hispanic purchasing power reached $1.4 trillion in 2016

  • One in six people in the US is Hispanic

Hispanics in California:

  • The Hispanic population in California is estimated to be 15.3 million, with an estimated 320 BILLION dollars in spending, 

Hispanics in San Diego

  • 32% of the population in San Diego County is Hispanic, with an estimated 13 BILLION dollars in spending.

  • San Diego is considered to be the most-affluent Hispanic market in the U.S.

Opening YOUR door to the Hispanic Market 

Fact:  The purchasing power of California's Hispanics totaled     

320 BILLION dollars in 2017.

How are you targeting the Hispanic community today? 

To reach the Hispanic customer, you need to understand the many facets of the Hispanic culture.  


We are a culture of color that comes from viewing the world with different eyes. Color represents all shades of life. You can see life in everything we do - our music, our art, our food...  color is our history!


We are a culture of passion, and NOTHING says "passion" more than a game of soccer and a cold beer. We have a passion for life. We work with passion.  We love -and hate- with passion. . 


But most important, we are a culture of pride: in our heritage, our country, our family and friends and our work. 


Communicating with Hispanics takes so much more than just learning the language. It's living the culture. 

Why outsource a Hispanic Marketing consultant? 


It's about letting you allocate your human resources where you need them the most: 

  • Don't have the time to learn Spanish, but need to start a project in Spanish NOW -before the sales opportunity passes.  

  • Communicate quickly by hiring a bilingual and bicultural marketing executive that will hit the ground running. 

  • Increase efficiency while decreasing hiring expenses.  Small to mid-sized companies that do everything tend to have high research, development and marketing expenses; all of which probably end up being passed to customers.  Additionally, hiring and training staff can be expensive.


Working with a Hispanic consultant can give you a cost efficient structure by letting you focus on your business.

What are you doing for YOUR Hispanic consumer today? 

I can help you get started.

Content Development
Content Developmen in Spanish
Digital Communication Strategy Development 
Stategy Development by Carolyn Northrup
Multi Channel Marketing Campaigns 

As Marketing Manager for the organization, I was responsible for creating a consistent image along 4 markets. 


Efforts for the Hispanic Market included: 


  • Concept development 

  • Communications strategy

  • Content development 

  • Design

  • Copy writing/advertising 

  • Public relations

Effective media relations lead to free interviews that supported the PR efforts to educate the consumer on the benefits of debt negotiation. 

Content Strategy and Development 
Hispanic Advertsing Consultant in San Diego
Carolyn Northrup Hispanic Consultant
Speaking Engagements & Interviews in Support of a Brand 
Speaking to Hispanic audiences effectively
Editorial Collaboration & advertising  
The strategy was to capitalize on the advertising campaign and create awareness regarding the process of buying or refinancing a property as a preamble to a series seminars focused on educating our prospective client on the steps of becoming a home owner.
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