• Carolyn Northrup

The Sweater is Still Orange: Turning a Challenge into a Competitive Advantage

So many have asked me what the biggest challenge throughout my career has been. Being fully bilingual, the easiest way to explain it has been through grammar -not that I even remember nouns, adjectives or what-have-you. ​

In Spanish we say 'sweater orange'; in English, 'orange sweater'. The fact that I just couldn't think 'orange sweater' without thinking twice - or working twice used to be extremely frustrating. Until I realized that thinking 'sweater orange' was actually my strongest competitive advantage.


It's about the how you get to that sweater --thinking "sweater orange" when everyone else is thinking "orange sweater". It's a different but parallel path that might just provide a different perspective. And that is more than the "out-of-the-box" thinking... I call it the "unique thinker". And being UNIQUE represents being creative, flexible, adaptable, tolerant, versatile and resourceful. Because, at the end of the day, THE SWEATER IS STILL GOING TO BE ORANGE PEOPLE! It's how you get to the exact tone of orange that ultimately matters!

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