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T- Systems International

​Also known as T-Tape, the irrigation company needed to introduce its recent partnership with an agricultural IT firm that had developed a national database to identify any given crop's needs to yield more product.  By incorporating drip irrigation products and services into the company's offerings and working on aggressive PR and channel management programs, the company successfully launched the IAT program and exceeded its sales forecast for that year. 



  • Implement marketing and communications programs designed to communicate the benefits of the new drip irrigation technology that allowed for greater yield in crops, without affecting the distribution of other product lines and meeting revenue expectations for the current fiscal year.   


  Action Plan: 

  • Work in creating the new brand for the new irrigation system

  • Create specific sales and communications programs to move inventory.  

  • Establish channel programs with clear sales objectives that reinforced the brand and extend the company's sales capabilities nationally.  

  • Develop case studies with testimonials on the tests conducted with new technology, including current company product.

  • Develop new image to increase brand presence. 



  • Successfully launched drip irrigation technology with the agricultural community in the San Joaquin Valley. 

  • Sales from the "Strawberry Program" increased 7% compared to previous fiscal year 

  • PR strategy and implementation resulted in the equivalent of 75% of the PR budget. ​

Channel Co-op Marketing:  Demand Generation Program Design & Training  
Product Collateral Development
Public Relations: White paper development coordination &  trade publications 
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