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Innovations in Women's Health

La Jolla Institute for Molecular Medicine

The initiative was created to create awareness of research needs for women and the impact is had in their health.


  • Strengthen newly created health research foundation Innovations in Women's Health

  • Drive attendance to seminar

  • Recruit program committee members 

  • Increase corporate and individual memberships

  • Ensure event and information quality

  • Promote the Research Institute housing the foundation 

Action Items:

  • Develop and implement communication guidelines for the Institute’s outreach program Innovations in Women’s Health Research.

  • Translate the Foundation's mission and purpose into a communications piece

  • Work with sponsors on specific communications plans 

  • Capitalize on Program Director's scientific relationships and translate them into fundraising opportunities 

  • Create the quarterly semester's packet: Invitation, e-blast and newsletter

  • Implement project management disciplines 

  • Document events through photography

  • Implement PR practices that support the Institute’s visibility in the community.

Efforts led to the increase of partner sponsorships by 35% and event turnout by 20%. 

Marketing and Communications Plan 
Fund Development Support 
Event Support 
Newsletter Content Development & Design 
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