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MCR Innovations and Packaging

MCR Innovations and Packaging acquired the patent rights to a food preservation formula and from there expanded, developed and patented a vegetable protein based process that allowed not only for the extended, 'green' preservation of food, but ​naturally dehydrated perishable products at room temperature while conserving and preserving all its natural components. 


This discovery opened a new door on health, green business and production practices. It unleashed a whole new concept that shifted the way the company managed the concept of 'bio-technology': in food management, processing, printing, packaging and getting the product to market.


A multi-tiered business model led to: 

  • The development of a one-of-a-kind franchise model, Green Health stores, 

  • Wholesale/joint business model, The New Generation Products, 

  • Extremely eco-friendly packaging, 

  • Bio Plastic research, development and production, Plastiflex, 

  • Supported by existing companies MCR Printing and Packaging and MCR Marketing Services



  • Launch the Green Health Stores concept and products  

  • Function as the Franchisee 'communications partner'

  • Introduce the diverse uses of preservation and dehydration technology 

  • Cross-brand MCR Innovations and Packaging with supporting organizations to give investors and franchisees an 'A-to-Z' business partner 


Action Plan: Lead, mentor, coach and collaborate with the Marketing team in the development of communication tools to favorably launch and position MCR Innovations and Packaging and it's affiliates as the latest in Green and Healthy retail products and services through its trademark brand Green Health Stores. 


  • Develop the Franchisee Program 

  • Establish and Support Branding Guidelines for Franchisees. 

  • Support product development and packaging with communications efforts 

  • Design the advertising and PR programs & campaigns that would support franchisees

  • Coach and lead the development of website and create the content that would showcase the Green Health Stores products and their one of a kind packaging, educate consumers on the benefits of consuming green products and support the franchisees in marketing the Green Health Stores product

  • Coach, collaborate and support the development of merchandising 

  • Conduct training with existing Franchisees in all aspects of store opening and operations 

  • Support the President and CEO with Investor presentations 

Corporate Communications 
Web Proposal 
Collateral Development 
Product Collateral Development
Franchisee Relations 
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