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US Financial Management

US Financial Management, 2007-2009 


Breaking free from debt!  The strategy for USFM (Debt Negotiation Company) consisted in go-to- market strategies that started with branding efforts and concluded with the implementation of ROI processes that allowed for targeted communication and marketing programs: 


  • Branding: Update image and content throughout the diverse marketing channels for four markets -- English, Spanish, Chinese & Vietnamese. 

  • Drive Sales:  Utilize the various marketing channels consistently and according to both market requirements and branding guidelines. 


The main activities for this campaign included:


  • Optimize the marketing operations budget

  • Lead efforts to update communications to be FTC-compliant 

  • Create consistency to strengthen the brand with messaging that could be used in all 4 markets: "It doesn't hurt to ask..."

  • Set graphic design guidelines  

  • Design advertising, PR and customer oriented campaigns. 

  • Implement SEO/PPC efforts to increase lead generation while maintaining operating costs. 

Efforts resulted in an average of 10% sales increase yearly while optimizing the Marketing budget by 25% .  

Hispanic market efforts: Web page conceptualization and content development 

Effective media relations led to free interviews that supported the PR efforts to educate the consumer on the benefits of debt negotiation (Spanish). 

Consistency across all markets:   Content development and advertising conceptualization, design and copy
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